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Sample itinerary

The following is a sample of a suggested itinerary for 10 days' touring in Israel.

Day 1 - Jerusalem - Visit Mt. of Olives. Enjoy a historic review of Jerusalem.
Proceed on foot to the Kidron Valley, through the Getsemane Church and reach the City of David. We will tour the City of David, where King David built his palace. The palace's ruins are still there and we can see them. Continue to the Warren shaft and finish this tour by walking in the Shiloah Tunnel, the water tunnel built by King Hezekia.
Day 2 - Jerusalem - Walking tour outside the Old City walls, from Zion Gate on Mt. Zion till the Jaffa Gate, on the western side of the Old City.
Visit the David Citadel Museum, which exhibits amazing findings from the different periods that Jerusalem went through.
Continue to the Christian Quarter. Walk along the Via Dolorosa to the final station located in the Church of Holy Sepulchre.
Proceed to the Moslem Quarter and walk through their bazaars.
Continue to the Jewish Quarter and visit the Kardo in the Herodian Quarter, the Davidson Museum, the archeological excavations at the Western Wall, The Western Wall and the Rabbinical Tunnels.
Day 3 - Jerusalem - tour of the western side of the city.
We will start at the Yad Vashem Holocaust Museum, continue to the Valley of Lost Nations. Proceed to the Herzl Museum and view the new sound and light show. Visit the Shrine of the Book and see the Dead Sea Scrolls.
Continue to the fascinating model of Jerusalem in the Second Temple Period and finish the day in the Mahane Yehuda Bazaar.
Day 4 - Today we will visit the Dead Sea and Massada.
Climb to the Ein Gedi Waterfalls and swim in the Dead Sea. Relax and enjoy the spa treatments in one of the hotels on the shore of the Dead Sea. Stay overnight at the Dead Sea.
Day 5 - After a morning swim in the Dead Sea, we will drive north in the direction of Tiberias.
We will drive along the Jordan Valley to Beit Shean and see the archeological excavations. Continue to Kibbutz Beit Alfa and visit the mosaic floor of the ancient synagogue excavated there. This mosaic floor has remained unmarred since the 6th century.
Proceed to the Sahne Springs at Gan Hashlosha Nature Reserve. After a swim in the springs, we will visit the Belvoir Crusaders' Fortress from the middle ages. In the evening, arrive to Tiberias and overnight there.
Day 6 - Today we will visit the Golan Heights on the border with Syria.
Continue to Katzerin, the city built after the Yom Kipur War. We will visit the ancient city of Katzerin and from there we will drive to Gamla, which is being excavated these days, in order to learn of its dramatic history. We will end this day with rafting on the Jordan River. In the evening arrive to Safed and stay overnight.
Day 7 - Walking tour of ancient Safed.
Visit the Ashkenazi and Sephardic synagogues. Walk through the artists' colony and bazaars.
In the afternoon, drive to Zippori, continue to Rosh Hanikra on the border with Lebanon. Visit the sites in Acco and continue to Haifa, where we will spend the night.
Day 8 - Tour Haifa.
Continue to the Druze Villages on Mt. Carmel and drive from there to Beniamina, where we will visit Baron Edmond de Rothchild's tomb and gardens. Proceed to Cesarea, the famous city that Herod built 2000 years ago. We will visit the amphitheatre and the hypodrome, the palace and the pool in the Mediterranean Sea. After watching the sound and light show we will continue to Netanya, Herzelia and arrive in the evening to Tel Aviv.
Day 9 - Tour of Tel Aviv.
Go up to the Empire State Building of Tel Aviv, the Azrieli Towers. Continue to Jaffa for a walking tour of the Old City passing through the Flee Market. Arrive to Neve Zedek, one of the first quarters of Tel Aviv. Continue to the Palmach Museum and the Diasporah Museum. End the day by walking through the Carmel Market, the largest market in Israel.
Day 10 - In the morning, drive to Rehovot and visit the Weizmann Institute.
Continue to the bullet factory in Nes Ziona.

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